our city.

Our spot on Earth. We are located at 34° 3′ 0″ N / 118° 15′ 0″ W

History.  Los Angeles was founded on September 4, 1781, by Spanish governor Felipe de Neve. It became a part of Mexico in 1821 following the Mexican War of Independence. In 1848, at the end of the Mexican-American War, Los Angeles and the rest of California were purchased as part of the Treaty of Guadalup Hidalgo, thereby becoming part of the United States.  Los Angeles was incorporated as a municipality on April 4, 1850, five months before California achieved statehood.

Population.  Based on the 2010 Census, Los Angeles has a population of 3,792,621, the most populous city in California and the second most populous city in the U.S. after New York City. It has an area of 468.67 square miles (1,213.8 km2).  The city is the focal point of the larger LA-Long Beach- Santa Ana metropolitan area, which contains 12,828,837 people as of 2010, and is one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world and second largest in the U.S.

Economy.  Los Angeles is a world center of business, international trade, entertainment, culture, media, fashion, science, technology, and education. It is home to renowned institutions covering a broad range of professional and cultural fields and is one of the most substantial economic engines within the United States. Los Angeles has been ranked the third richest city and fifth most powerful and influential city in the world, behind only New York City in the United States.  The Los Angeles combined statistical area has a gross metropolitan product of $831 billion (as of 2008).  Known as the Entertainment Capital of the World, LA leads the world in the creation of television production, video games, and recorded music.


resident.LA Facts:

Creativity. LA is where the gourmet food truck craze started.  If it wasn’t for LA’s creative flair colliding with food trucks, they would still be known as “roach coaches” across the nation. Recognize.

The Gene Pool. LA has the highest population of attractive people. The theory behind this–  Hollywood attracts musicians, models, actresses, and actors worldwide, with dreams of making it big in the entertainment industry: music, tv, movies, and porn.  Unfortunately, only a small percentage of these aspiring artists actually become famous. However, when these aspiring people move to LA, they eventually marry another aspiring actor/actress, or model, or person who looks like one (same breed, same type), then settle in LA, and eventually make babies.  We believe it. (The weather, lifestyle, tv shows, movies, and a large population of plastic surgeons also help.)

G-Rides. We can’t live without our cars. It’s true. LA is a huge sprawling metropolitan comprised of suburbs.  Traffic sucks and it’s a part of our lives, whether we like it or not. In a Benzo with the top down, a Prius going 50 mph in the fast lane, a Honda with a loud exhaust, or a bucket with the rust chippin’ away. That’s how we roll… The automotive industry uses LA as a test bed for new concepts and designs before they’re sold to the rest of the nation. Recognize once again.

No Competition. Don’t worry NY, SF, or any other city, we’re not trying to compete with you. We like our more laid back lifestyle, the weather, the 22 mile bike path (aka the Strand) along the beach from Santa Monica to Redondo Beach, and watching the USC or UCLA football cheerleaders on national TV (and we know you do too).