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who we are —

resident.LA is information without the clutter. We like it that way. Pure, simple, and organic.

Real critics, real opinion, real advice, real people. For Reals.

resident.LA is about fellow Angelenos sharing their thoughts and life in LA.

We are resident Angelenos living in the city known for (or as) — the West Coast, the Left Coast, El Aye, the City of Angels, Hollywood celebrities, kick ass indie bands, DJs, the infamous 405 Fwy, Lakers basketball, and 90210.

We are writers, foodies, fashionistas, activists, photographers, musicians, karaoke singers, entrepreneurs, hard workers, not-so hard workers, fitness crazed fiends, actors, wannabe actors, and etc.  We come in different shapes, colors, sizes, and speak multiple languages. In whatever shape or form we come in, we have one thing in common– we are Angelenos.

We have a love-hate relationship with our city, our lifestyle, the weather, and everything eclectic about Los Angeles. But this is our city.

Take a stroll through resident.LA and you’ll get a peek of our city and our lives. We’ll share with you the coolest things about LA and sometimes not-so cool things about LA.  We’ll share with you our favorite places to eat, catch a flick, get a drink, rent a bike, go shopping, karaoke, watch a concert, best farmers’ market, and also places to stay away from.

Keep in mind, we’re not professional critics by no means. But I guarantee you this– we know what we like and what we don’t like and we have varying opinions. Remember, we live here, we’re locals and we’re residents.

If you are a fellow Angeleno and an aspiring writer, photographer, or just want to share your thoughts with the rest of us, you are more than welcome to join our tribe at resident.LA. We welcome guest writers anytime.

And if you’re just here visiting the city, resident.LA also welcomes you to be a guest writer.  Share how your visit went, what you liked and what you didn’t like about our city.

resident.LA is a community, so support us, join us and be part of it.